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PUISIKU-6: At Dark Night

At Dark Night

Dark night…

I sit in a seat…, yeahh…!

While playing a guitar…

Singing a feeling song of my life lovely…

Dark night…

I feel a coldness…, yeahh..!

Companied by the mosquitos…

Only disturb my self

In poorness out a feeling.

A water fall down from my eyes

Stressed b’love n’ambition

Fail i got… is I think

In my mind for this

I’ve ran out my time

Just reclling ambition in my mind, yeahh…!

I’m alo’nly…how to do that…

I’m sure…I wouldn’t get success

If alike this’s…alone forever…

I need someone, love me, I love,

Aiding to finish problems n’ wishes…

Of my mind ~ at dark night…

“Kampoes” STAKPN Tarutung, Agustus 31st 2001

By: B. Marada Hutagalung.

Rewritten/revised: Tarutung, April 21st 2006

Second Rewritten: Tarutung July 16th 2007


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